On Tuesday Agust 13 at 19:00 Tiendamalba reveals three collections of objects, accesories and textiles inspired by the work of Argentine artist Kenneth Kemble (Buenos Aires, 1923-1998). The pieces were designed by Juan Sarme y Valeria Torrecilla; Federico de Alzaga y Duchale (Cecilia Caballero and Isabel de Laborde).

The chosen designers deployed a collaborative endevour with Julieta Kemble, daughter of the artista. They immersed in the life and oeuvre of Kemble- specially in his works from the 50’s and 60´s- through the making of a series of limited edition pieces that will be sold at Tiendamalba.

The project is carried out withing the framework of Kemble by Kemble, a homage exhibition for the fifteen anniversary of the passing of the artist, held at Malba until September 2. Curated by Florencia Battiti, the exhibition gathers a selection of 32 works made between 1953 and 1995, that includes paintings, collages, assemblages and objects. It aims to recover the decisions and selections that Kemble himself made about his oeuvre from the study of his writings.


Federico de Alzaga developed a collection of metal objects with a strong temperament, expressed through geometric and sharp lines. Each piece, hand forged,has gone through fire to achieve its final form and conveys that same intensity of the fire of its forging.


Juan Sarme and Valeria Torrecilla developed a collection that combines organic fabrics and eco friendly paints with usage of industrial waste. The goal was to extol the vigour of both the shapes and the original materials of the evoked works.


Duchale (Cecilia Caballero and Isabel de Laborde) started working from textile geometric fragments, emphasizing technique and colour. This are embroidered paintings result of collaborative labour and spontaneous gestures.

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