Donation of an informalist piece by Kenneth Kemble to the National Museum of Fine Arts

Donation of an informalist piece by Kenneth Kemble to the National Museum of Fine Arts

The piece will displayed on the entrance wall of the Museum for two weeks and then it will be kept until March 2015 when the new room of Museum devoted to twentieth century art will be opened. The launch ceremony was held at the main hall and counted with the presence of the Minister of Culture, Teresa Parodi; the Director of the Museum, Marcela Cardillo, the director of Institucional Relations of AA2000; Jorge Lukowski, the curator of the Museum; Roberto Amigo (who encouraged the action) and Julieta Kemble; daughter of the renowned artist.

Parodi showed her gratitude to the Company and emphasised the importance of the role of art in the evolution of a nation. “It is such an honor for this Museum that is a part of us, to have such important piece.”

On his behalf, Jorge Lukowski explained the strong commitment of AA2000 with the dissemination of argentine art through actions like this one, and in their 14 art spaces in different airports across the country. “Supporting culture is worth it. It is the identity of all Argentinians”.

The Museum wanted to acquire a piece from the period 1956-1961 since due to its formal qualities is considered a period of creative brilliance of the artist, a leading figure in the genesis and culmination of the Informalist movement.

The inauguration of a new script of  twentieth century Argentine Art in the remodeled rooms of the first floor of the Museum, enhances even more the incorporation of this piece while at the same time amends a historic mistake.

Between 1958 and 1961 Kenneth Kemble makes his series “Suburban Landscapes”, collages made with cardboard, rusty veneers, burlap and wood, born after observing slums in Córdoba.

About them the artist stated: “… I had a double goal: to show that the most humble and despicable materials could have expressive power and convey a aesthetic emotion, throwing overboard the hegemony of the technique´s sacred cows (…) and showing as well in Florida street something that is happening in Argentina that should concern us all. This happened in 1958 and the outcome was exhibited at the Van Riel Gallery in 1959”.

The acquisition of the piece “El rey de los pordioseros” (The King of the Beggars) by the National Museum of Fine Arts through the purchase for  its donation made by Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, it´s an extremely relevant event for the culture of our country. It not only means to enrich the cultural heritage of the Nation, but also foster the knowledge, research and culture access to all citizens.

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