arteBA 2014- Petrobras Dixit Space

arteBA 2014- Petrobras Dixit Space

¿When did contemporary art begin? That was the question set out by Giunta, within the framework of a research which she had been working on for a while, and that she decided to take to the fair after being called to curate the first edition of this new space that lays out an hypothesis about artistic contemporaneity.

The idea was to select works that would stimulate us think when did it beging what we call contemporary art: art that is immersed in a confusing, vertiginous present, about which, despite this complexity, we want to reflect.

Thus, the exhibition outlines an itinerary around some powerful and crucial works of the region, like “La familia obrera” (The Working Class Family”) by Oscar Bony, the detailed ink painting of Peruvian Fernando Bryce, “Crepúsculo” (Twilight) or the potent work “Ausencia” (Absence) by the maestro Leon Ferrari.

It´s a round you can’t not miss and and each piece conspires so that the visitor stares it for a long time. Some of the many standouts are the works by Leandro Katz, “Proyecto Catherwood” (Catherwood Project), Kenneth Kemble, “Muestra de arte destructivo” ( Destructive Art Exhibition), the maps by Guillermo Kuitca and the interpellations about time in the work of David Lamelas.

“This is an exhibition of museographic scale at an art fair that is set up in the fruitful friction zone between market and culture. It addresses and questions contemporary art, because this art implies a critical reflection upon the world: both the art wordl and the world we are immersed in”, explains the curator.

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