arteBA 2011

arteBA 2011

AA2000 didn´t want to miss such event for the art world. In this particular context and as a part of Social Corporate Responsability to culture, AA2000 was present supporting the dissemination and paying homage to this valued artist.

“We have a strong commitment to art and we think that is really important to disseminate diferent artists. Moreoever we are so proud to exhibit Kemble´s works, for what he represented and for how influential is still today” explained Ernesto Gutierrez, president of AA2000.

On this occasion the company chose an Argentine artist who thanks to his avant-garde creations marked an era of contemporaryt art, redefining what was considered art at the late 50’s. Kenneth Kemble had a prominent career and throughout it, he received awards and honorable mentions across the world. His influence and contribution is still present in the work of young artist who keep on innovating and promoting high quality art with strong poetic content.

As part of the booth opening, Florencia Battiti, curator and art critic, gave a talk explaining the exhibited pieces. “Kemble was a big provocateur and we can see that in his work”, mentioned Battiti. “In adittion, he brought a lot of alien materials to the art of that moment, and made them work within a collage”.

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