Kenneth Kemble X trosmanchurba

Kenneth Kemble X trosmanchurba

Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art

The choice of Kemble as only artist for this show has a very solid reason: paying a deserved homage to a beloved friend and excelent artist.

The Museum Of Modern Art is the right institution for an artist who considered that the purpose of art had to do with provocation and amazement.

Talented musician, seasoned reader, ironic critic, sociable, unconditional friend. Kenneth was a provecateur with the look of an English gentleman and a dash of porteño dandy.

He worked with patterned fabrics combining them in challenging manners that then he added to his paintings, he also used clothes, like the paradigmatic “Pequeñas reglas de conducta”(Little Rules of Behaviour). Today the procces is turned upsidedown, his pieces are exhibited in fabrics( dresses) in movement, they are shown, “modeled”, projected, proving how current is his way of thinking and the expansion of art borders.

His daughter Julieta once said that the best thing she could do for her father was to make his dreams come true. With her support to this joint effort, she keeps on doing it.

                                                                                                                           Laura Buccellato

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